Mom – Typical CBS Sitcom

Mom on CBSYesterday, Midwest Mike discussed the new CBS comedy FWBL.  So I thought why not stay on CBS sitcoms and discuss Mom.

Some backgound – the show stars Anna Faris who plays a recovering alcoholic who has a rocky relationship with her mother played by Allison Janney.  Of course all the men on the show are either stupid or evil.

This is just not a good show.  However, since it’s on CBS it’s renewed for next year already.

Last night was the season finale.  A brief recap of the show has the teenage daughter giving birth to a child and then a bunch of crying as she gave it up for adoption.  Well that was hilarious.  I guess at least they didn’t kill the kid like the did the mother on How I Met Your Mother.

I’m going to give women everywhere a little advice on hair styles.  This advice is free and I’ll wait a minute if you want to gather other women friends to read this together…  OK we set?

Bangs make you look old.  There I said it.  It needed to be said.

Quite frankly it’s distracting watching Anna Faris with her hair.  She’s obviously so much more attractive in the picture on the right.  In the picture on the left it looks like her hair is constantly in her eyes.  Does she have a must have bangs clause in her contract?  Somebody look into that.

And fine, since I’m apparently in a petty mood today, is there a way we could dress Allison Janney next year to maybe downplay the fact that she’s built like an Amazon Warrior at 6 feet tall with ridiculously long arms and huge hands?

Allison Janney

There have to be some talented wardrobe people out in Hollywood that can get this done.  Seriously, look at the mitts on her.  Those are definitely some “man hands” if you know what I mean.

That’s my take on Mom.  Felt like a pretty well thought out and mature analysis of the show if you ask me.