Modern Family

I know everybody loves this show and it’s not like I don’t like it.  Last night’s show was a swing and a miss.  Here is a recap of the show (The Filtered Lens):

The fourth season of Modern Family continued with yet another lackluster episode.

The Butler’s Escape suffered from one thing, predictability. Every plot point was visible from a mile away, and that made the jokes far less surprising and therefore, funny.

Gloria’s pregnancy has been almost a complete failure to shake things up. The argument between her and Jay in this episode was such a run of the mill sitcom argument. I miss when the writers were banging out fresh, funny ideas every week. Gloria snoring had just about nothing going for it. Not even Manny could give us some laughs.

Cam and Mitch’s story felt oddly typical this week too, despite the new dynamic of Mitch being with Lily and Cam being at work. The problem with Mitch’s half was that by now we know that he is a good father, sometimes a far more competent one than Cam. He has become over-saturated into a caricature of what he used to be. Cam is at least still pretty consistent, but that plays into the complete lack of suspense we have here. At least Lily had more than one stand out moment tonight.

The only household that may have saved this episode is the Dunphys. Phil and Luke rarely disagree but when they do you can’t help but watch. Phil had to learn that Luke may not want to do all the ridiculous things he and his son used to do. It was a surprisingly touching plot. The same goes for Alex’s attitude towards everyone around her. Once Claire figured out that it was because Haley was gone, we had a nice moment over video chat between the sisters. This is the only dynamic shake-up that is working right now.

The Butler’s Escape was the worst episode of the season yet. The writers aren’t taking these new dynamics and pushing them far enough. Gloria and Mitch barely resemble the strong characters they were back in season one and the rest of the main cast is spinning their wheels, much like the writers. Modern Family needs to improve soon or else another Emmy will be out of the question. Grade: C