Mob City is Must-Watch Television

Mob+City+TNTAlternate article title:  Why a strong cast makes a show succeed.

MIDWEST MIKE beat me to the punch in posting his thoughts on the premiere episode of MOB CITY a few days ago.  But if you would allow me to toss my two-cents into the fray, let me to tell you how great this show is.  Even if you don’t allow me to do this, I’m going to do it anyway.  If you don’t like it, go start your own blog!  Just keep on loving us… we love you too.

MOB CITY is one of the strongest-casted shows I’ve seen in quite a while, on par with a JUSTIFIED or this season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY or (dare I say) BREAKING BAD.  So many great actors bring so much talent to their characters, it really had me hooked from the get-go.  I know some out there might argue that the subject matter is fairly “been there, done that”, but I would counter with the fact that any 1950’s mobster/noire show comes with a heavy dose of rehash.

JON BERNTHAL of THE WALKING DEAD-fame handily leads up the cast as a dirty cop joined by NEAL MCDONOUGH (!) as the chief of police, an Americanized SIMON PEGG who delivered a phenomenal monologue in the first episode, EDWARD BURNS as Bugsy Siegel, MILO VENTIMIGLIA from HEROES as one of Bugsy’s men, ALEXA DAVALOS from THE MIST and CLASH OF THE TITANS as the girl everyone is after, another Darabont-regular JEFFREY DEMUNN and even a yet-to-be-seen ERNIE HUDSON.

I have a serious question for you: why doesn’t Neal MCDONOUGH do more television?  The guy is simply a fantastic actor and he was sorely missed after his stint on JUSTIFIED two years ago.  He’s every bit as great on MOB CITY so far.

Everything about this show screams “production value” from the sets and the overall design to the above-par intelligent script.

So what’s the problem?  Only 2.3 million people showed up to watch the premiere which is mediocre at best for the raw amount of talent in the show.  I’ll tell you what the problem is, and it was the same issue why I didn’t tune in on the night it aired: it’s two freaking hours long.  It’s hard enough to find one hour to watch some shows, let alone two.  It’s like TNT wants to dump this one quickly for no reason at all.  Stick it in a decent timeslot and let it run for a full six weeks… it’s seriously that good.  I would harken back to NBC’s nitwit decision to dump HANNIBAL in a doomed Thursday night timeslot where it floundered and just barely made the renewal cut.  Why would a network flub one of their best shows so badly?

Regardless, MOB CITY is great and it begs to be watched.  Seeing as it is technically a mini-series, renewal might be a moot point.  But if it succeeds, you will probably be seeing more of Darabont and company around the airwaves soon.