M&M’s Bedroom Commercial

m&m bedroom commercial

Have you seen the most recent commercial from M&M’s? Talk about pushing the envelope. They are funny cartoon characters so for some reason, they can get away with doing whatever they want. In the most recent M&M commercial, they take on a topic that appears to be, well, swinging?

There are two versions of this commercial but pay attention really to what is going on and think about this commercial with real people instead of funny cartoon characters. See what you think.

M&M’s Bedroom Commercial

At first you think that the husband has caught his wife in flagrante delicto (smart huh?) only to find out that she is in bed with red M&M. Instead of being upset, the husband is more upset that he wasn’t involved. Think about it for a second.

Then, yellow M&M comes out of the closet. What was yellow M&M doing in that closet? If you replace the M&M’s with people and it will be more clear to you what is going on.

Now I am not at all offended by this. I actually applaud M&M’s for pushing the envelope. I am really more amazed that this commercial was able to make it through the many layers of corporate approval to where it got on TV. Either the suits at M&M’s didn’t really understand this commercial or they knowingly put a swinger commercial on the air and covered it with funny cartoon characters.

Which do you think it is?

m&m's bedroom commercial