Miley Cyrus Videos

miley cyrus john boehnerI haven’t written about the Miley Cyrus appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend but I really enjoyed it.  Once again SNL has done a good job helping me change my opinion on a celebrity.  Prior to SNL, I wasn’t a Justin Timberlake fan even.  Can you believe that?  Now of course JT and I are besties.  Miley’s performance on SNL was good.  She was able to make fun of herself and she did a good job acting her way through the skits.  There was a bit too much of the young and hip language that kids these days like to use that I just didn’t get but hey, I’m old.

Here is one of the funnier skits from SNL with Miley and the next big star, Taran Killam (side note, NBC is finally posting to YouTube and not using that awful, commercial filled Hulu exclusively which is good news for all of us):


That was Miley on SNL.  She was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and did another version of her hit song “We Won’t Stop.”  Jimmy Fallon is terrible at interviewing guests but he is a genius at this kind of stuff.  Oh, and Miley can sing.  The girl is talented. She doesn’t need to do the crazy act that she’s doing right now to get fans.  Just sing.