Miley Cyrus SNL Promos

miley cyrus snl promoMiley Cyrus is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday October 5.  Promos for the show are starting to come out now. In this promo released by NBC yesterday, Cyrus appears with one of my favorite cast members, Taran Killam, and from the promo, I’d say that this week’s show is going to be good.

We have made fun of Miley quite a bit here at MWTVG but I have to say that lately I’ve started to like her. I actually am liking that this girl just doesn’t give a f**k what anyone thinks about her or what she does. She got destroyed for her VMA performance and still she didn’t apologize or give us one of those “I’m sorry for anyone I offended” speeches.  She continues to do what she wants.  I’m starting to like it.

Here is the most recent Miley Cyrus promo for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.