Mike and Molly Canceled

Mike and Molly Canceled by CBS

What the? CBS canceled a show? They never do that. You saw the title of this post so before you go and get all excited that they have finally canceled Two Broke Girls, calm down. They didn’t. ¬†They went ahead and killed a show that was dead long ago.

How was the news broken? Not by the producers. Not by the stars. Not by the network. It came from a Facebook post from someone I’m told is a co-star on the show, Rondi Reed.

mike and molly canceled

Notice anything else? She posted this on December 9. It’s taken until today for anyone to notice the news.

Now I know that most people, and the media, are probably not following Rondi but damn. Talk about flying under the radar.

I am sure that the hundred or so fans of Mike and Molly that are left will be pretty upset by this news but really, this has been a long time coming. If it weren’t for the fact that CBS doesn’t actually pay attention to what they put on their network and never cancels anything, this show would have been gone long ago.

To me this makes me hopeful that we are taking a step in the right direction. We have one terrible awful sitcom down from the network, and just all of them left to go.

Two Broke Girls. You should take notice. It seems that someone up at the network has woken up from their nap. They might actually be watching now. If that is the case, then you are in trouble. The fact that your show has been on for as long as it has been can only be due to either some kind of virus at CBS that attacks the part of the brain that tells people what things suck and what things don’t. Or people at the network have been sleeping. Those are the only two logical explanations possible.

Could our long national nightmare finally be coming to an end?