Midwest Mo’s Musings – 10/17/13

Earlier this week I unveiled a new segment called Midwest Mo’s Ramblings.  I’m really kicking myself for not spending more than 3 minutes thinking of a better title for my incoherent ramblings.

So until I come up with yet another better name for this segment, I give you Midwest Mo’s Musings.

  • Breast Cancer – Look I get that it’s terrible.  Hell as a solid B cup I probably should do more self exams (yeah, that’s in your head now, you’re welcome).  It’s weird though that it seems to be the only cause athletes or actors seem to support lately, there’s pink everywhere.  Why do you think that is (boobies).  I guess no one wants to wear brown for rectal cancer, except I guess the Cleveland Browns.  Way to support the cause guys.
  • Back In The GameMaggie Lawson coaches a baseball team of misfit kids that were all cut, because well, they suck.  Of course, these kids will someday turn it around because she’s got such a big heart and everyone knows that’s all it takes to make talentless kids miraculously become talented.  Just ask any overbearing parent at almost any little league game.  Anyway, at the end of tonight’s show, a neighborhood girl hits a home run off one of their pitchers and they ask her to join the team.  A girl playing baseball what?  It’s such a blatant ripoff of Bad News Bears it’s embarrassing.  At least pick a better movie, like maybe Escape to/from Witch Mountain or maybe Herbie The Love Bug.
  • NCIS – Yes, I’m old and I watch this show now be quiet and turn that rock and or roll music down.  Recently, Cote De Pablo left the show.  Click here if you are unfamiliar with her hotness.  And yet somehow one of the most annoying actors on TV Pauley Perrette is still on the show.  Can anyone stand her cause I can’t.  I’d rather watch Jenny McCarthy on The View than more of Pauley Perrette.
  • Dads – So this show is still on and cranking out the humor.  Wouldn’t it be hilarious to make one of the guys get a rectal exam cause that’s always funny.  Oh, and we’ll have the doctor die mid exam, and cue hilarity.  Note to Seth Green, this show is not airing on Cartoon Network.  It feels like this show’s target demo is 14 year old boys.

So that’s it for now.  Until we meet again, this is Midwest Mo saying (insert awesome catch phrase here).