Midwest Mark’s Video of the Week – True Detective

Our more observant fans are scratching their heads and wondering where MIDWEST MARK’S video of the week was last week.  Or the week before.  Or possibly even the week before that?  In fact, I’ve only posted 4 or 5 “videos of the week” in the year-plus that this blog party has been going down.  It’s all about keeping you guessing.

If you’re still not watching HBO’S new series TRUE DETECTIVE after my glowing review and MIDWEST MIKE’S total consensus, you are missing out on (easily) one of the best shows of the past several years.  Last night’s episode treated us to the first actual action scene of the series thus far, and it rendered me totally speechless with a 6-minute unbroken shot of Matthew Mcconaughey coked up out of his mind escaping from housing projects with his former motorcycle gang.  To go from dramatic character study to freight-train action sequence takes some major balls on the part of the show, and to go from nihilist to action star takes some serious acting chops.  Both Mcconaughey and TRUE DETECTIVE delivered flawlessly.

Zap2It has a great article on how the shot worked from a filming perspective, check it out here.

I hope HBO doesn’t take this video down, but just in case they do… watch ASAP.  Then give the show some love by tuning in Sunday nights.

Amazing scene from HBO’s True Detective