Midwest Mark’s Video of the Week – Sons of Anarchy

In celebration of my 50th post here at MWTVG (queue cricket noises), I found a mashup of Opie scenes from this season of SONS OF ANARCHY.  For those of you out there in cyberspace who are lucky enough to have stumbled upon our blog for the first time and are not caught up on Sons of Anarchy season 5, major spoilers lie ahead.  I’m even hiding the video behind the jump so it doesn’t ruin what ended up being the best 4 episode run of the show.

Click through to watch!  

Here be Spoilers!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So Opie’s death scene in prison ended up being (for me) one of the most haunting scenes from all of fall television thus far.  Wonderfully filmed, sharply written and perfectly executed by RYAN HURST, the look on Opie’s face with his little defeated-halfway-grin before being bludgeoned with a lead pipe should remain a memorable moment for a long time.  All hail KURT SUTTER for being the king of all this season 5 insanity.

Try not to cry while watching…