Midwest Mark’s Video of the Week – 10/20

Some great shows both premiered and continued this week, but I would like to pay special homage to the “Hershel’s Leg Scene” from the very end of the season premiere of THE WALKING DEAD.

***Dual warning:  Extremely graphic and hilariously overdubbed with Boyz II Men***

To set the stage:  Rick, Hershel and the group are intent on clearing out the prison of zombie prisoners so they can play house.  Hershel makes the terrible miscalculation of walking too close to a walker he thought had died.  Or rather re-died.

Silly Hershel… Ignoring the second rule of ZOMBIELAND (The double tap) can prove fatal, as the re-dead zombie was actually still undead and took his ankle for a tasty snack.

They hustle Hershel into the next room where Rick takes a hatchet and delivers a great line “There’s only one way to save your life”, then…. well….