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THE WALKING DEAD isn’t without its flaws, as fans saw in the transition away from Frank Darabont’s near-brilliant first season into a disheveled first half of the second season. On a side note, whoever pioneered the whole idea of half-seasons needs to be punched. Twice. But I digress…

I can only imagine the AMC executive board meeting where they came up with the genius notion of more farm and less zombies in a zombie show. I ran the math myself and “awesome zombie show” minus zombies DOES NOT equal “awesome show”, contrary to the showrunner’s opinion. Rather, it devolves into “mediocre show” that looks more like Farmville: Zombie Edition. I was half-expecting to see Dr Quinn Zombie Woman stumbling around with an undead Michael Landon. Thankfully the mid-season finale made up for the five episode lull with the back half of the season being its saving grace.

Now to the third season premiere, I would say it was fantastic in every way and sets up multiple solid storylines to branch from. Michonne is a great addition to the character base not to mention that pretty much anything is cooler when you add a samurai sword. My only complaint is that there seems to be some unanswered questions from a 5-6 month lapse in storyline and some of the timing doesn’t quite add up. But I don’t expect an awesome zombie show to get everything right…

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  1. Nice first post. I get the sense though that you are the guy at the Star Trek convention asking questions like, “how come in episode 364 the Klingon Commander was wearing his dress uniform when it obviously called for his battle uniform, duh”.

    Just kidding, keep up the good work and we will be to 18 loyal followers before you know it.

    • Midwest Mark // October 19, 2012 at 10:35 pm //

      Slight correction: I would be the one in the Boba Fett costume waxing poetic on the deficient separation of church and state within the imperial empire.

      But thank you for the kind words… good to work with you too!

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