Midwest Mark’s Black Friday Haul

Technically, it might be considered a “Dark Grey Thursday” haul… but yes, I am one of those a-holes that lines up in Walmart around midnight (8:00 this year for better or worse) to greedily pick handfuls of dirt cheap blu ray movies and other bric-a-brac I wouldn’t otherwise need.  I am one of those people that make me disgusted to be a human being as I inconvenience a bunch of other poor saps who are cashiering rather than spending Thanksgiving with their families.

As shame attempts to cloud my selfish commercialism, I figure that Walmart would be open whether I was there or not (which is the man-logic I used to try and reason with my semi-irritated wife), so who would I be to NOT use the moment to my advantage??  What else would I be doing anyway… spending the holiday with my family?  That’s so passé.

And I emerge the proud owner of all four seasons of HEROES on blu-ray (9.96!) as well as a whole bunch of great movies (‘great’ mostly because they were 4 bucks a piece).  For all of you television-centric bargain hunters, there were a bunch of SUPERNATURAL, FRINGE, TRUE BLOOD and SONS OF ANARCHY seasons on DVD for 10 bucks a pop, but I have become awfully snobbish as of late with my blu-ray format.

Personally, I am pretty excited about HEROES.  I remember that I was a huge fan of the first season and while I don’t remember a darn thing about it, I remember that it was a really compelling show at the time.

Side note, Best Buy has tons of DVD and Blu Ray series on sale tomorrow… I’m just not so keen on braving multiple crowds in such a short period of time.