Midwest Mark is on Vacation!

disney90In other words, I’m sitting on a beach drinking beer, and you’re not.  Well, you’re not sitting on a beach anyway.  Poor you… having to go back to work tomorrow.  Especially after the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, or at least I’ve gathered that from the “OMGSPORTS” talk appearing ad nauseaum on my facebook feed.  I care nothing for hockey.  Nor does hockey care anything for your mindless opining via facebook.

Regardless, out of my nearly double-digit dedicated fanbase here on MWTVG, four of them are with me if you count my son, but he’s not quite at the point of reading comprehension.  So this is for the other 4 or 5 of you, who can reminisce on some of the best-of MIDWEST MARK posts of days gone by.

The Ballad of BOBBY MILLIKEN, the Usell Guy

My original post lampooning the Usell Guy:  http://www.midwesttvguy.com/the-usell-guy/

Usell guy pt 2:  http://www.midwesttvguy.com/first-official-celebrity-commenter-the-usell-guy/

Interesting to note that Bobby himself seems to have recanted his role with Usell, as it looks like he recently jumped back on here to boldly proclaim that Usell is a scam.  We know, bro… they hired somebody like you as their spokesperson.  He now seems to work as an on-air host for HSN if anybody cares to keep tabs.

Next, feast yet again on the white trash wonderland that was MTV’S BUCKWILD.  After the first (unfortunately uber-popular) season, one has been arrested for drugs, one has died and the show itself has been cancelled.  Fame can get to your head, as we here at MWTVG are all-too familiar with.  In fact, me and MIDWEST MO had to recently save MIDWEST MIKE from a 4-day bender as he ate nothing but gummi candies and Little Debbie snack cakes.  Seriously, when you turn to freebasing Swedish Fish you know it has taken a turn for the worse.

Although I am still unable to drink the pain away from watching this god-awful show, I cracked a bunch of good white trash jokes.  So Enjoy!

Buckwild show coverage:  Premiere, Sexts and Hyperglow, Double Trouble and Birthday Wishes, Raging Bulls and It’s Not a Date, Pitching a Tent and Ghosts in the Holler, Finale

The Aftermath:  Salwa’s Arrest, RIP Shain Gandee

Well there you go for now.  For a more thorough listing of the “Best of MIDWEST MARK”, just click on the little blue “MIDWEST MARK” link right under the title of this article.  (see what I did there?)

In the meanwhile, feel free to envy my vacation.  See you again soon!