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@ midnight

@ midnightTime for me to tell you about a show that I would bet few of you know about that is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on TV. This is a comedy and it’s not a sitcom so you have to like things that are really funny for you to like this show so I know I’m taking a risk here recommending this show for a lot of you, but here it goes. I’m talking about a show on Comedy Central called @ Midnight.

@ Midnight stars comedian Chris Hardwick who hosts a comedy show that is somewhat like a game show but points are pointless and are arbitrarily awarded like on Who’s Line is it Anyway? You might remember Chris Hardwick from being the co-host of MTV’s Singled Out way back in the day. He’s now the head of a comedy empire at Nerdist.com and runs one of my favorite podcasts, Nerdist.  He’s now got this show on Comedy Central that is truly taking advantage of his talents. @ Midnight airs, like it says, at Midnight but on the east coast so for us real Americans in the heartland, it’s on at 11:00. Each day they take a look at things that happened on the internet and 3 guest panelists come up with funny jokes about the day’s happenings. I laugh my ass off watching this show.

Here are a couple of clips from the show from one of their regular segments, hastag wars.

@ Midnight Clips


Now again, this show is only for people who like things that are funny. That is going to rule out this show for a lot of you I know but for the small group of you who do like to laugh at funny comedians, you will love @ Midnight. I can’t recommend this show enough.

If you are a fan of things that are funny, @ Midnight airs on Comedy Central weeknights at 11:00.

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  1. I like this show. It’s funny but my favorite part is how he just says “points” whenever something makes him laugh.

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