10 Mid-season Premieres I’m Most Looking Forward To

mid-season premieres

Community got the ball rolling first with mid-season premieres and as I said earlier, they did a good job bringing it back. We’ve got plenty of more TV in store for us upcoming so I’d like to take a look at the mid-season premieres I’m most looking forward to.

Mid-Season Premieres


Archer – Premieres on FX January 13 at 9:00

midseason premieresI can’t praise this show enough. It’s my favorite show on TV and one of my all-time favorite comedies. Archer is not for everyone and I know this because of how many people tell me they don’t watch the show. Here’s the thing about Archer. To like it, you have to like things that are funny. If you like 2 Broke Girls, then no, you won’t like Archer. There is no laugh track so you will have to actually listen to the dialogue and understand when things are funny. It’s a lot of work for most of the TV public so many might skip past Archer and that’s a shame. Here’s the trailer for the mid-season premiere of Archer.

Archer mid-season premiere trailer


True Detective – Premieres on HBO January 12 at 8:00

true detective mid-season premieresThis show is said to be like The Killing¬†which was a pretty good show on AMC. True Detective stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as detectives who are reopening a murder case they first investigated in 1995. The story is told in present day with flashbacks to 1995 revealing what actually happened in the past. I am intrigued by this show both because of the stars and because it’s on HBO. HBO does not really miss when it comes to TV shows so I’m excited to check this one out. Here is the trailer.

True Detective trailer


Late Night with Seth Meyers – Premieres on NBC February 24 at 11:30

mid-season premieresI love Seth Meyers. He has been a head writer at Saturday Night Live since the 2005 season and has been the host of Weekend Update since 2006 (solo since 2008). Jimmy Fallon is moving up to take over The Tonight Show¬†leaving a vacancy at Late Night which Seth is getting the opportunity to fill. Meyers has said that his show will have less music than Jimmy’s version but will have more skits and more politics. I’m on board. I can’t wait to see how he does.


Dallas – Premieres on TNT February 24 at 8:00

mid-season premieresTNT has done a fantastic job rebooting this classic franchise. They have mixed some of the old in with the new and have left all of the back stabbing and evil that you would expect from the Ewing and Barnes families. This is already season 3 so Dallas has gotten itself pretty well established. I’m looking forward to getting some answers from the end of season 2 and finding out what other questions there will be. Here is a promo that TNT ran for Dallas.

Dallas Season 3 Promo


Cougar Town – Premieres on TBS January 11 at 9:00

mid-season premieresI like Cougar Town. If you liked Scrubs, you would like Cougar Town too because it is basically the same show. The name for the show is absolutely awful and it probably turned off a lot of viewers. The creator, Bill Lawrence, recognizes this and makes jokes about how bad the title for the show is. If you let the title turn you off, give it a shot. Cougar Town is a solid comedy that I am looking forward to having back on TV. Here is the promo for season 5 from TBS.

Cougar Town Season 5 Promo


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