Mid-season Finale – Revolution

For fans of this show, of which I am one, you must know by now that tonight is the “Mid-season Finale”.  Is this a thing now?

Look NBC, we just mourned the passing of the guy who invented the season finale concept.  Seriously, who shot JR is what all the current shows aspire to in their season finales.

Now I have to be concerned with mid-season finales?  It’s hard enough to follow a show today with the minefield of obstacles they must clear to even stay on the air.

Not to bury the lead here, but I guess my biggest issue with the new concept is that on November 26th, REVOLUTION is airing a purported mid-season finale.  What?  This is only it’s 10th episode of the season and you are going on break now?

If you are to believe any of the sources out there, it’s not coming back until March 26, 2013.  So the show is about to go on a 4 month “mid-season” break.  If the show had any momentum, a 4 month “mid-season” break should help kill that.

So it appears that it is NBC that has turned off the power.  Awesome job over there guys.