The Michael J. Fox Show is Certain to be Cancelled

michael j fox showBad news for the 12 fans (one of my brothers included) of The Michael J. Fox Show. The cancellation bear at TV By the Numbers is predicting the show’s cancellation. If you aren’t familiar with the cancellation bear, he is never wrong.

The ratings for The Michael J. Fox show have never been good and even then, they have been consistently declining week over week. Despite how much I like Michael J. Fox and wished for him to succeed, the show was just awful.

I get that Michael J. Fox was the driving force behind this show and he should be the main focus but the problem was that he was the focus of everything. It didn’t matter what was going on, somehow there would be a way for Mike’s (it’s his name on the show) character to make it about himself. Daughter got her first period? Mike how did this affect you? Wife gets a promotion at work? Mike how will this cut in to the things that she does for you? Oh and did you know that Mike has Parkinson’s? Let’s make sure we have at least one joke per episode about it.

Having a sitcom failure doesn’t mean that it’s all over for Mike. Plenty of people try and fail. I’m glad that he made a comeback to TV and hope that he gets another opportunity for a show. This one didn’t work and deserves to be tossed on to the trash heap of failed NBC sitcoms.