How I Met Your Mother – You’re On Notice

To the producers of How I Met Your Mother let me give you the gist, you just made the list.  We’ve given you plenty of opportunities to move the show along, but last night’s episode was just wrong.

In case you missed it as you didn’t have the time, the entire show was told in rhyme.  Yes, I did not stutter, you read the right words I just muttered.  Episode 195 and they gave us this jive.

You see how awful a half hour of that crap would be, you just read 4-5 sentences of rhyme and you borderline want to stab me with a pen.  They did a whole show of that nonsense.  To add insult to injury, we are no closer to meeting the mother.

Congratulations, that was the most annoying half hour of TV ever made.  5 minutes in I was checking the guide to see what 2 Broke Girls was going to be about.

You made me look forward to 2 Broke Girls.  Nobody makes me look forward to 2 Broke Girls and gets away with it.  So to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas you are no longer welcome here in the Midwest, specifically Chicago.  I’ll be the crazy guy in a blue Toyota with his car pointed right at you, know for sure this much is true.