How I Met Your Mother Poll

how i met your motherI haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother for a while. I was a fan of the show in the beginning, but after it became apparent that the show was going to keep repeating the same few things that were funny over and over, I jumped ship.  Also, I hate Ted Mosby. He is one of the worst characters on TV and he makes the show completely unwatchable.

Thankfully, this is the last season of HIMYM. I have now watched the last two episodes of this show and oh my god. The show is even more awful than I remember it.  There are still over 7 million people that watch this show which is astounding. Midwest Mo said a couple of weeks ago though that he has invested a lot of time in this show and he is sticking with it to the end because he feels he is owed a payoff.  My wife is in the same boat.  She has watched from the beginning and feels that no matter how awful the show is now, she deserves to be there for the end.  That got me thinking. How many of the rest of the 7+ million viewers of this show are only watching this because they feel they are owed an ending?

So what about you folks out there. If you are watching How I Met Your Mother, why are you watching it?  Take our poll and let’s get to the bottom of this issue.

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