Mermaid Sets Animal Planet Ratings Record

Animal PlanetHBO had their highest ratings for an original movie in nearly 10 years with Behind the Candelabra and they had 2.4 million viewers.  Midwest Mark wrote about a show that ran on Animal Planet and if you were thinking it was a joke, well you were part right.  Mermaids: The New Evidence aired on Sunday night and the show set an Animal Planet ratings record with 3.4 million people tuning in to what turned out to be a giant hoax perpetrated by Animal Planet.

A show about mermaids on a minor cable network drew a million more viewers than the big-budget HBO special starring two Oscar winning actors.  I can’t say that I’m shocked.  This is the same country where a show like 2 Broke Girls continues to draw over 4 million mouth-breathing viewers a week.  We can’t be surprised that 3.4 million people actually thought they were watching a real documentary.

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