The Mentalist – Meet Red John

So we got to meet the infamous Red John last night on The Mentalist.  As with almost anything, when there’s so much hype and buildup, the actual event itself is a let down.  That is how I felt about last night’s show.

I’m glad we are finally done with the Red John story line.  So many shows today feel the need to have some recurring bad guy character.  I know this show is a little different because the recurring bad guy was the whole reason for the show.

Still, hopefully now the show can move on and get back to the 1 bad guy a week formula with which I am very comfortable and enjoy (Simon Baker admitted in a recent TV Guide interview that I am not alone in liking this format).

That is until we discover we didn’t actually meet the real Red John.  You can see that coming can’t you.  Anyway, let’s click the link to see who is Red John.

Meet Red John – Sheriff Thomas McAllister the quirky Napa County sheriff played by Xander Berkeley.

For me one of the reasons I was disappointed was there wasn’t really enough explanation as to how he was Red John or why he targeted Patrick Jane in the first place.  There was some talk about how Jane’s arrogance was the reason for his wife and child being killed, but without any other context.

Also, I can’t let the producers off the hook on this one, Jane shoots Red John but Red John manages to escape.  Jane chases after him in a scene that goes on forever.  It might be one of the cheesiest and utterly pointless chase scenes of all time.  Seriously, you could have used that five minutes to give us a little more background about a killer some of us have been following since 2008 (I can’t believe the show has been on that long, last night was episode #123).

Other than finding out who Red John was, we didn’t really get any more information last night.  We have no idea why or when he started killing.  We have no idea what made him so charismatic to his followers.  We have no idea why Jane was targeted.  The list of unknowns goes on and on and we may never get closure on them.

Next week the show is going in a different direction.  It’s going to skip ahead in time two years.  Simon Baker commented about where the show picks up:

When we come back after Red John’s death, Jane is somewhere in paradise. A large portion of the episode is in Spanish. Cho is now with the FBI. Rigsby and Van Pelt have their own little detective business. And Lisbon is in Washington state working as a chief of police in a podunk kind of town. The episode opens with her talking to grade-school kids about what the police do.

I’m still in and look forward to next week’s episode.  How about you?

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  1. Midwest Miller // November 25, 2013 at 11:47 am //

    I am glad that the Red John is over, but I agree it was a rather anticlimactic end. At least it turned from Bertrum to the sheriff, but the random woman in the church attacking him? The chase scene and the final death scene was pretty bad also. The real red john would’ve blinked only 1 time for those questions….goes from calculated demented killer, to whimpering pansie. Are his followers gonna all come after Jane now? I am glad its over, but feel like the show is gonna be over now also…

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