We Are Men Premiere

we are menThe fall premiere season continues.  We Are Men premiered last night on CBS.  When it comes to new sitcoms this fall, there have been hits, there have been misses, and there have been crimes against humanity (Dads).

We Are Men falls in to the hit category.  It’s not a home run by any means, it’s more of a weak liner that found a gap for a base hit. I thought it was very funny.  I’ve got a bit of a TMS (that’s Ted Mosby Syndrome for any of our new readers) problem with the show but it’s an ensemble cast of 4 characters and 3 of the 4 are good enough to overcome the weak TMS force that exists. Head inside for more on We Are Men.

The premise for We Are Men is one that has been done many times before.  A bunch of divorced or soon-to-be divorced guys swear off relationships, kind of, and pledge to live the life of debauchery as a bachelor.  This is a TV show.  Understand that.  This is a fantasy of a lot of men who think they can do better than their current situations and if only they were bachelors again, life would be great.  Having seen this situation played out many times in real life with several friends let me be the first to say that unless you have the body of Jerry O’Connell or the money of Tony Shaloub, 40 something bachelor’s are going to have a very bad time. Trust me on this guys.  If you are thinking after watching We Are Men that you should make the leap, I wouldn’t, unless you are a fan of your new ex-wife hooking up with a string of 23 year old muscle heads only to settle down with a sugar daddy who takes your ex-wife all around the world while you are stuck living in an efficiency on the west side (not the gentrified part of the west side either).

Any way, if you suspend reality for We Are Men, it’s a funny show.  Is it high comedy that is going to make you smarter after you watch it?  No.  This is CBS.  They don’t do that kind of stuff.  They play to the lowest common denominator (2 Broke Girls).  That is what We Are Men is.  Playing to the lowest common denominator in the audience, 30 to 40 something men.

Tony Shaloub breaks away from his Monk character with his portrayal of Frank Bober who is the oldest guy in the group who also seems to have the most money which of course goes a long way to helping him be successful with the ladies.  I can say with a great deal of certainty that a poor Frank Bober would never get laid.  Money sure makes people look good.

Jerry O’Connell (you know, Cush from Jerry Maguire) plays the same person now in absolutely everything he does.  His character is good looking guy who can’t keep his shirt on.  On the side he marries insanely hot women but can’t stay in a relationship.  Poor Cush.  Even though this is the character he always plays, I like it.  I’m not looking for an Emmy performance from O’Connell whenever he does anything and neither should you be. If you keep your expectations low, he will entertain you.

The other two guys in this group are played by Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar) and Chris Smith (nothing of note).  Smith is the one We Are Men is focused on and it’s unfortunate. He is the worst of the 4.  Not bad like he’s a bad guy, but bad like he’s Ted Mosby. The show opens with him being left at the altar by his fiancee (Fiona Gubelman).  Through the course of the show we find out why. He’s a giant wuss-bag.  I’m not a fan of his character but as I said earlier, the other 3 are funny enough to over-come this weakness.

The ratings for the We Are Men Premiere weren’t stellar, but they weren’t awful.  We will have to see what happens over the next few weeks but since this is a CBS show, I doubt that it would get cancelled even if the ratings go south.

I liked We Are Men.  I question putting it on Monday night against football given that this show is clearly aimed at men, but again, this is CBS. There is no rhyme or reason to what they do.  Here is the first look trailer for We Are Men in case you haven’t seen it:


We Are Men airs on CBS Mondays at 7:30.