McDonald’s Social Experiment Commercial

mcdonalds commercialHave you seen the McDonald’s commercial that takes place in an airport? You probably have. There isn’t anything really shocking about it but as I have seen it more and more I have found it to be an interesting social experiment commercial. Head inside to find out what I’m talking about.If you haven’t seen the commercial or if you don’t quite remember it, here it is. Watch this and see if you can guess what I’m talking about when I say this is an interesting social experiment:


Did you notice it? What I found to be interesting is the reaction of the person being talked to by the now relaxed person. In the first case, the older woman starts talking not even caring if the guy is paying attention to her. He of course is paying attention because hey, a woman is talking to me out of no where. Maybe she likes me. No she doesn’t like him. She notices they are drinking the same coffee and decides to tell him that he should relax and enjoy. He of course takes the advice of this woman who is sitting in an airport with nothing better to do than drink coffee and strike up a conversation with strangers. For his part, the guy thinks nothing of it and immediately follows her lead. Switch to the end of the commercial now. Our young grasshopper having been taught the ways of relaxation is now attempting to spread the word. He now is sitting in an airport for apparently no good reason but to drink coffee and accost strangers. He now out of nowhere tells a youngish looking woman that he used to be like her. Put yourself in her shoes. We watching the commercial of course have the context of his words. We know that someone else opened a conversation with him that way so he’s just paying it forward. The young lady though doesn’t have that context. What you see on her face is the look of “how fast can I call the police and where is my mace?” Young grasshopper is not going to have the same outcome as the nice older retired lady did. Was this intentional on McDonald’s part? I don’t know. I’m incredibly anal about messaging in all things TV and probably read in to things way more than what is there but the look on the young girls face tells me that McDonald’s knew what they were doing. I could be wrong since it’s just a simple commercial about McDonald’s coffee and maybe I’m the crazy one.