Matthew Perry to Star in Odd Couple Remake

matthew perryMatthew Perry is returning to TV. Perry has signed a deal with CBS to star in, write, and produce a new Odd Couple comedy that will air on CBS.

The Odd Couple comedy will be a reboot of the series that originally starred Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. The show will still be based on the mismatch between neat freak Felix Unger and slob Oscar Madison but will be updated for today’s audiences.

Perry is set to play the slob Oscar Madison and will be one of the writers. His writing partner on the Odd Couple will be Danny Jacobson who was previously a co-writer on one of NBC’s last hit comedies, Mad About You.

The Odd Couple will air on CBS which as you all know, I am not a fan of, particularly for comedy. The Odd Couple will be a multi-camera set up filmed in front of a live studio audience which is a departure for CBS who normally likes to have laugh tracks so their viewers can understand when they are supposed to be laughing.

Putting this show on CBS is problematic for Perry I believe. CBS has only had success with the previously mentioned laugh track garbage. Everything else gets cancelled. Will Perry be able to pull off a reboot of a 40 year old TV show based on a nearly 50 year old Broadway play and have it connect to a CBS audience that wouldn’t know comedy if it came and punched them right in their dentures? As a fan of Matthew Perry, I sure hope so. As someone who follows TV incessantly, I am pessimistic.

We’ll continue to update our fan as more news of Matthew Perry’s return to TV becomes available.