Matthew McConaughey’s SAG Award Acceptance Speech

Matthew McConaughey at the SAG awards

Matthew McConaughey at the SAG awardsMATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is a national treasure in his own right.  I love when this guy talks.  There is no telling what bizarre direction things are heading. Spending one minute inside his head would be an extremely frightening ordeal.  In the middle of his acceptance speech for his (well deserved) SAG award for his performance in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, he veers off course into boat building carpenters and landing on Neptune.  Check it out, it’s totally worth it.

Matthew McConaughey Acceptance Speech at the SAG Awards


What did you think of his speech? How about the rest? It wasn’t really a bad night. They got that show done in just over 2 hours. That is how you get an awards show done folks. I’m looking at you now Academy Awards. Let’s not drone on and on and on when it’s your turn. Most of the awards aren’t going to be a surprise so let’s just keep it moving.

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