Married Season 2 Finale

married season 2 finale

One of my favorite shows to debut last season was Married on FX. It had a decent first season but the network was still unsure about whether they were going to bring it back for a 2nd season or not. They ended up bringing it back for a 2nd season but left it in it’s late summer starting point where networks put shows they really aren’t all that invested in.

FX promoted the other show that premiered last season at the same time as Married, You’re the Worst, to their fall line-up meaning that of the two shows, You’re the Worst was going to be getting the network’s support.

That’s a real shame. I do enjoy You’re the Worst a lot but Married is something very special. The Married season 2 finale just happened last week and so far, there is no word from the network on whether or not Married will be back for a season 3.

If you don’t know the show, and you probably don’t, Married is a show about being married. It’s not your typical TV look at a marriage though. This show has real people in it with real problems. The marriage between the main couple, Russ and Lina Bowman, played by Nat Faxon (he has an Oscar for The Descendants) and Judy Greer (she’s awesome in everything she does), is a real marriage. Things go right and things go wrong. It is not a wonderful sunny day every day for people who are in long term relationships. Their relationships is one of the most real relationships on TV and the writers of Married have done an outstanding job writing for them.

The show also looks at the relationships of the friends of the main married couple. There is one of their friends who is recently divorced and dealing with substance abuse (played by the outstanding Brett Gelman), there is another married couple that Russ and Lina are friends with the wife from college. She is played by Jenny Slate (SNL) who is married to the much older Paul Reiser. Their relationship is on the rocks because of their age difference and Jess’ (Slate) inability to grow up and become an adult.

For the record, Paul Reiser is incredible in this show. This is by far the best role he’s had in years. If you watch this show for anything, you’ll want to see it for Paul Reiser playing the old guy with a wild young wife. There is humor but there is also actual pain that Reiser’s character is feeling because he knows that his marriage is falling apart and there is nothing he can do about it.

Their friend A.J. (Gelman) has gone through a divorce, lost his job, and has had a break down due to drug and alcohol abuse. Admittedly, these are not funny topics, but Gelman handles these issues in such a way as to make you laugh along with him as you watch him struggle. In season 2, A.J. has a new girlfriend and a book idea about how to talk to kids about addiction. It seems like he is on the path to getting right again, but that would be too easy and life is just not like that for real.  Here is a scene from the Married season 2 finale where A.J. is putting on a kids play to showcase his new book:

Married Season 2 Finale – A.J.’s Farmer Todd

Married is a sitcom so there are plenty of moments of humor but like all very good sitcoms, they know when to turn things a bit serious. They are able to blend serious topics with humor and they deal with pain through humor. It’s pretty much exactly how we all deal with difficult situations in our lives. We either laugh at them or cry at them. ┬áThere is nothing else we can do. Laugh or cry and pick yourself up and move on.

I’ll be very upset if Married doesn’t come back for a season 3. This is one of the best sitcoms on TV right now but I know that not enough people are watching. Good TV is hard to talk people in to watching. If Married had been on CBS, it would have won 600 Emmy’s and would be watched by 20 million people each week. Since it’s on FX, only smart people know about it and that’s a shame.

married season 2 finale