Malibu Country – Country Accents are Funny

As a professional writer, I sometimes have to suffer for my craft.  I do it for you fair reader because I know you want to know the opinion of me, a TV professional, when it comes to shows you might want to watch.  The things I have to do for our audience makes me feel like this (and you need to click on that link because that reference is funny).

So what can I say about MALIBU COUNTRY?  I’ll save you the suspense.  I can’t say anything good.  Holy cow is this a bad show.  First of all, the laugh track makes me want to go on a murder death kill spree like Simon Phoenix in the Stallone classic DEMOLITION MAN.

This is a fish out of water comedy starring country star (an oxymoron in my book but I can’t speak for the taste of most Americans) Reba McEntire in a role that seems to be exactly the same as her previous smash hit show REBA.

So her husband cheats on her, she finds out about a house that he owns in Malibu, she gets it in the divorce, and the clan (clan with a C, not a K) move from Nashville to Malibu because California is the place you oughta be (see what I did there?) and now the wackiness will ensue because how funny is it to watch country folk try to interact with regular folks?  Oh my.  The laughs are non-stop (I know this because the laugh track never shuts up).

So Reba has 2 kids, a son and a daughter.  The son has an unintelligible country accent like Reba does and that at least makes sense because they are from the country.  The younger daughter however, who has red hair so we know she is supposed to be related to Reba, has no country accent.  How is that possible?  I don’t know the science behind a country accent but I’m pretty sure it is very contagious and it is passed through direct contact.

The show also stars former QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY cast member Jai Rodriguez as a, wait for it, gay guy who is Reba’s assistant.  How do I know he’s gay?  Because the character is the standard token flamingly gay guy that now has to be part of every sit-com on TV.  I have to ask, are gay people offended yet that the only gay characters that get put on TV are the same stereo-type?  When I see these characters on TV now, it makes me think of the brilliant Robert Townsend comedy HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE and his black acting school and how any gay character that is going to get on TV must have to go to gay acting school to learn how to act the right way.  Another thing about Jai’s character.  He’s Cuban.  How do I know that?  Because he calls Reba mami every 10 to 15 seconds that he is on screen.  If he didn’t do that, how would we know?

I could go on even more about what is bad about this show but I think you all get the point. This is what I came up with after watching just one 30 minute episode and I know that MIDWEST MO feels the same as I do.  If I had to watch more, I’m afraid of what might happen.