Mad Men Writers Are Working on the Space Race

space raceThere are a few subjects where I have an Asperger’s level of knowledge.  The space race is one of them.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent as a kid reading everything I could find about the space race.  I’ve read just about every book ever written and I’ve seen the movie The Right Stuff roughly 7000 times.  This is why I was giddy beyond belief when I heard the rumor that the Mad Men writers are working on the space race.

The series is said to be called “Cocoa Beach” and will be set in Florida in the 1960s.  The series will cover the space race from the perspective of the journalists who covered the space race during the race to the moon.  Supposedly the show is planned to air this fall but as of yet, there is no cast that has been announced nor is there a network that is set to air the series.

There is no one that is more hopeful than me that this show happens.  Mad Men is a brilliantly written show covering the ad men of the 1960s.  I would love to see what these guys do with the space race.  There is so much material here for a show like Mad Men that there is just no way this wouldn’t be a huge hit.

Here’s to hoping that this rumor is true.

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  1. I'mThatGuy // April 24, 2013 at 1:17 pm //

    So another show from the writers of Mad Men? Awesome. So instead of a bunch of guys sitting around smoking and drinking and treating women badly in at an advertising agency, we will get a show about a bunch of guys who smoke and drink and mistreat women in a newspaper office. I would bet that the show will be exactly the same but will require the set designers to build all new sets.

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