Lucifer Renewed for Season 2

lucifer renewed

Lucifer Renewed for Season 2 by Fox

I haven’t written about this show yet and I feel badly for not informing you all about a great new show on Fox. I’m thankful that Fox has decided to renew Lucifer for a 2nd season despite my not ever having written about the show. Somehow the word got out for enough people to watch this show without the help of this incredibly influential TV blog.

For those of you not familiar with Lucifer, it’s a cop show but with a twist. Lucifer is of course the devil but he’s on earth and working with the LAPD. It’s pretty much Castle with different characters and despite that simple premise, I really like the show.

lucifer renewedThe star of the show is Tom Ellis. He plays Lucifer Morningstar who is of course, the devil. Lucifer has a very complicated relationship with his dad, you know, God. He’s mad at his dad and he’s tired of being stuck in hell so he comes up to earth to see what’s up. ¬†Lucifer is having a bit of a crisis of conscience having been forced to torture and punish people for all of existence and he’s interested in seeing some of the other side.

Lucifer is the best part of the show. He’s funny and charming and good looking and he’s got an accent. He’s got it all going for him. Except his dad isn’t exactly happy that he’s not down in hell doing his job. Without evil, there can be no good of course so there has to be a devil down in hell making sure people are being properly punished.

It’s a typical cop show formula with someone working for homicide detectives who should never have any part of working with homicide detectives and of course there is a man and a woman so there can be sexual tension written in to the show. It’s got all the formula stuff that normally would turn me off to a show but for some reason, I just can’t turn this show off.

lucifer renewedLucifer’s love interest/crime solving tough as nails female police detective partner is played by Lauren German (Chicago Fire) as LAPD detective Chloe Decker. German’s character is one of the weaker parts of the show. She’s basically a TV trope who has to be on the other side of the charismatic Lucifer playing the foil. Her character checks all the TV boxes that a female police officer has to have to be on TV. Female? Check. Divorced? Check. Single mom? Check. Tough as nails? Check. Take not guff? Check. Hiding some dark secret from her past that makes her put up a defensive shell that she just won’t let anyone through for any reason because she has to be a tough female cop in a man’s world? Check. ¬†She is to me, the weakest part of the show but it’s easy enough to overlook with as strong as everyone else is.

Lucifer is a fun distraction of a TV show that takes the typical will they won’t they formulaic cop TV show drama to a new place. It’s not reinventing TV but if you are looking for a show that has a bit of a different twist to it that you don’t have to think too hard about, Lucifer is it for you.

For those of you unfamiliar with this show, here is the trailer:

Lucifer airs on Fox Monday’s at 8pm.