Louis CK Signs Another Deal With FX

louis ckGood new for fans of Louis CK. He has signed another deal with FX to executive produce a new show for the network.

If you are a fan of his FX show, Louie, you are probably under the age of 25 and wear a fedora. I don’t know what happened to Louie CK over the years, and it’s not his fault, but somehow his fan base turned in to 20 something hipsters who discuss the intricacies of how Louis structures his jokes in a manner far superior to other comedians. You think I’m kidding when I make that statement but I’ve had that very conversation with my daughter’s 20-something fedora-wearing hipster boyfriend, who by the way is 26 but still dresses like he is under 25 so my scenario is still in tact here.

The deal that Louis has signed with FX allows for him to create or supervise the new show and will then give him the option to write or direct the show once created. It will be interesting to see what happens with this deal. Signing this deal means that Louis has reached a level of power that not many comedians reach. He has the ability to bestow an opportunity on another comedian of his choosing. There aren’t many with that kind of power in the comedy world.

Louie fans, the show will be back in May of 2014.

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  1. I dunno if I should be flattered or insulted to be mentioned in a statement announcing Louis CK’s new comedic authority. FX puts a lot of faith in him already, but for three seasons he has been a sure thing rather than a wild card. You don’t have to wear a fedora, or be ~25 to realize Louis is a comic genius. Even if you’re 40 and given up on your looks, it doesn’t change the fact that his brand of comedy appeals many different generations. Now that FX trusts him enough to allow him to appoint his comedy buddies as his lieutenants, it can only be for the benefit of FX and Louie fans. Look forward to the future exploits of Louie and whoever he decides to take under his wing.

    • Midwest Mike // December 4, 2013 at 8:28 am //

      Flattered. You should always be flattered. And given up on my looks? I’ll have you know this is a carefully crafted look I have cultivated over many years of laziness and self loathing.

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