Louis C.K.

The FX Network has announced that LOUIS C.K. will not return for it’s 4th season until Spring 2014.  This is very upsetting news to his fans (me included) who will be missing his brilliant brand of comedy that has tones of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

What has me worried is that a long-term hiatus like this usually signals the end of a show.  Dave Chappelle went through this and at first we were told he was just on an extended vacation that eventually turned in to the end of THE CHAPPELLE SHOW.

Louis C.K. says that he asked for the extended time so that he could focus on writing a great 4th season.  I smell something fishy here and think that there are problems we are not being told about.  Shows don’t take a year off and networks don’t let successful shows that help them make money take a year off for a reason like needing additional writing time.

My prediction is that this is the end of the LOUIS C.K. show but FX is just putting off the announcement to keep from angering fans.  The beauty of making this prediction is that even if I’m wrong, we won’t find out until 2014 and none of you will remember this but if I’m right, I’ll be here to never let anyone forget.  Writing is fun.

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  1. I did see this yesterday and thought it odd. But thought, since this only affects 6 people, I’d leave it alone. I didn’t know you we’re one of the 6.

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