Louis C.K. Hosts SNL Tonight

Comedian Louis C.K. is hosting tonight’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and the show will be going on despite Hurricane Sandy.

If you are under the age of 25, you are probably very familiar with Louis C.K.  He’s a huge hit on the college comedy tour and he has/had a somewhat successful show on The FX Network called LOUIE.  He announced that he would be taking a hiatus on his show until 2013 which makes me think that he is really quitting a-la Dave Chappelle.  Getting the hosting gig on SNL will help keep him relevant for a bit but we are still a long way from his show returning.  If he really wanted to keep his show warm, he should have waited until we were in to 2013 to host the show.

Tonight’s SNL is also the last show there will be before the election.  Look for skits featuring Sudekis playing Romney and Pharoah playing Obama tonight.  The election will affect both of these guys too since whoever wins will get 4 years of playing their Presidential character on TV.

The musical guest tonight is Fun! who caught their big break last year during the Super Bowl when one of their songs was featured in a Chevy Sonic commercial.

The shows have been decent so far this year even with the heavy losses in cast members. The replacements have been doing decent work but veterans like Sudekis and Hader are continuing to carry the show.