LiLo Getting Sued by Lifetime

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

If you watched Lifetime’s once-in-a-lifetime blockbuster LIZ AND DICK (the actual title of this movie.  Seriously.  I’ll be selling squares for us all to bet on when the porn industry turns that title in to one of their movies), you might have thought that Lindsey Lohan was being sued for sucking so hard (again, you can’t but help link this to the porn industry) in this movie.  You would be wrong.  If you had a 2nd guess though, what would you guess?  If you ventured a guess in to her um, “wild” behavior, you would be correct.  She is being sued by Lifetime for breach of contract.

Lifetime Network has reached out to Lindsey’s legal team (can you imagine the size of that team?  They probably have people on duty 24hrs a day on that team just waiting for the phone to ring) to see if they can come to an agreement on her breach of contract without having to go to court.  What was her breach of contract?  Well, Lifetime, in their infinite wisdom, put in to her contract that she was not allowed to drive a car during the time she was shooting LIZ & DICK and was only to be driven around in the in the car provided by Lifetime with a driver provided by the same. You might remember, LiLo got in to an accident over the summer and, while I’m not a lawyer, seems to be a pretty clear cut case of Lindsey being Lindsey.

Since I’m not a legal expert (I’m just a professional writer), I don’t know how this case will play out.  If I were on her legal team, I’d play the movie as a defense for her actions.  No jury that watches this movie could ever convict her of wanting to go get drunk and try to get away from it all.  My belief is that she was trying to get out of her contract and trying to get Lifetime to fire her.  Lifetime called her bluff and kept her in the movie.  This is the kind of high stakes gamesmanship that happens in Hollywood.  Lifetime, knowing that their viewers don’t give a damn about quality television, wanted to put on a movie about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.  They knew it would be bad but hey, it’s Lifetime, no one cares.  Lindsey however, in a moment of clarity, recognized that this would not be good for her career.  Even she could see that starring in a made for Lifetime movie is the death knell of any career (Meredith Baxter anyone?).  If her lawyers show the video to the jury, I don’t think she will get convicted.

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  1. Excellent use of the word “gamesmanship.” There was a brief moment when autocorrect might have had something there but lost it in the end. Not sure what’s worse, Lindsay Lohan’s fall from grace (if there was any) or the fact that Hollywood has relegated her to Lifetime. What’s criminal is the attempt by Lifetime to try and avoid any controversy. It’s a little late for that when you sign LiLo to your “original content.” Her star faded long ago and this is just Lindsay’s handlers lying to her about a potential comeback. They bet against the house this time and we all know how that game ends.

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