Led Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!!

At the intersection of my classic rock fandom and a totally rockin’ blog based around television, none other than LED ZEPPELIN are going to be together on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN tonight.  Fresh off their Kennedy Center Honors award and their new CELEBRATION DAY live concert release, they seem to be doing the standard press circles.

And no, they are (unfortunately) not performing.

I’m normally not a big late night tv guy, but it’s always great to see Page, Plant and JPJ together and seemingly getting along.  It’s on my DVR for sure.  A guy can always hope for some sort of big reunion tour announcement (which probably won’t happen), but it should be a fun interview anyway.

Personal note to the band memebers of Led Zeppelin:  I will pay significant monies to see your tour stop in Chicago.  As long as it’s not ROLLING STONES level monies (grubby bastards).  Me and many others.  Do with that what you will.

So catch Letterman tonight and also catch the Zeppelin tribute when the Kennedy Center Honors airs on December 26th.