Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

last week tonight with john oliver

last week tonight with john oliverWe have finally been told the name of John Oliver’s new HBO show and they have told us when it is going to premiere. The show will be called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and it will premiere on HBO April 27 at 10:00.

John Oliver filled in for John Stewart on The Daily Show when Stewart took 3 months off last Summer to direct his first feature film, Rosewater.  Oliver did such a good job filling in that not only was Stewart not missed, there was talk of leaving Oliver as host. This of course was never going to happen but the popularity of Oliver meant that sooner or later someone would be calling him to offer him his own show. HBO was just that someone and as of now, they have already ordered 24 episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Former Daily Show head writer Tim Carvell is on board with HBO and Oliver so I’m sure we can expect the same quality and level of humor that we saw from them last Summer.

At this point of any article I write, I would typically give you a funny clip reinforcing the brilliant point that I am making about whatever of the many subjects of which I am an expert. I am unable to do so in this case because Viacom owns The Daily Show they are absolute bastards about videos from any of their shows being shown anywhere but on their site. So if you want to see any funny John Oliver clips, you can search for them. I’m not even going to link to those jack-holes out of principle. Just imagine at this point you are watching a funny video and laughing and saying to yourself “gee that Mike really does bring us the best content. Thanks Mike.”

You’re welcome dear reader. You’re welcome.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will premiere on HBO April 27 at 10:00. We will be sure to bring you reviews and opinions so you know what you should tell your friends about this show.