Last Resort

Ok, I have caught up on ABC’s new drama, LAST RESORT, and despite a problem here and there, it is a good show worth watching.  It’s in my DVR now and I’ll be keeping up on it.  When I was watching it I thought it has a very LOST feeling to it but it’s not from the creators of LOST.  The creators of the show are Karl Gajdusek (DEAD LIKE ME) and Shawn Ryan (THE UNIT, THE SHIELD).  Having Shawn Ryan as part of this shows gives it some credibility, for me anyway, as I have always thought that THE SHIELD was one of the most ground-breaking and incredible cop dramas ever put on TV.

If you haven’t watched LAST RESORT or DVR’d it, don’t worry.  It’s an ABC show, not a CBS show which means you can find it on On Demand.  A note to my military brothers and sisters out there, you do have to suspend a bit of disbelief for the military side of the show but not too much.  Just enjoy the show for what it is.

Now that I am done plugging this show.  I have a very serious question.  WTF happened to the T-1000?