Last Man Standing

So it’s new again tonight.  Really it’s about the only new scripted thing on tonight.  Here’s a synopsis of tonight’s episode:

In “Dodgeball Club,” when Boyd (Flynn Morrison) gets in trouble at school for playing dodgeball, which his fellow kindergarteners were banned from playing, Mike (Allen) thinks this is another sign that parents are raising a generation of wimps.

So unbeknownst to Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) and contrary to their values, Mike forms a secret after-school dodegeball club for Boyd and the neighborhood kids.

What?  As a parent, I’d be more concerned that my neighbor is taking a special interest in my kindergarten aged child. So wait, you want my child to join your secret underground club?  What time and when should I have him there.

I like that they kept it simple in that there only 2 rules to this secret dodgeball club and I already broke one by talking about it.

Please Mayan’s take me away.