King of the Nerds – Who Will Win?

King of the Nerds crowns it’s first ever super nerd tonight.  With The Joe Schmo Show ending on Tuesday and this show ending tonight, there’s going to be a big hole left if my viewing soul.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to watch The Bachelor finale, I will find something else to watch.

God help us if this crazy girl wins.  Clearly off her meds, has somehow managed to hang around beating Mooega last week when she should not have.


Celeste has managed to become really grating over the weeks.  Her skill set includes gaming and solving Rubik’s Cube.  Let’s hope it’s not her.



We see the Google search terms people.  Somebody typed in Genevie naked last week.  Even still, she’s my favorite I hope she wins.



Ivan is somehow annoying to me.  Maybe as the only guy left I should be rooting for him against the wanne be girl nerds, but I’m not.


So that’s it.  Who do you think will win America?

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