King Of The Nerds Weird Science

King of the Nerds - Season 2Episode 2 King of the Nerds Weird Science is officially in the books.  It’s great that this show will go head to head in a few weeks with the Winter Olympics as a lot of the nerd challenges take about as much ability as some Olympic events (I’m looking at you curling). Seriously, you can get a medal for pushing a broom.  Are gym floors across the country going to get a little dustier as we send our best custodians to Sochi to compete for gold?

Back to the nerds.

Last week saw one of my preseason favorites Kelsey eliminated (link to preseason rankings).  Last week also saw 2 of the nerd contestants re-tweet my recap of episode 1.  This undoubtedly will give those 2 nerds a huge advantage moving forward as I just gave them the playbook for victory.

This weeks challenge was to build a volcano and to exhibit said volcano science fair style.  Apparently science fairs are the only place nerds ever felt safe.  There’s no way this is true as it was much easier to find and ridicule them if they were all assembled in one place for us.  I believe this is where the expression it’s like shooting nerds in a barrel originates.

King of the Nerds - Season 2So the teams go off to the Radio Shack room to get there supplies and yada, yada, yada, Zach is a crazy person.  He talks to much and when he does he’s annoying.  Zach is getting his doctorate in English, which come on, how hard be that can?  I speak nearly 85% fluent English and 100% Chicagoan, Da Bears!  I hate to split hairs here, but this guys isn’t really a nerd.  He’s just annoying.

The elimination challenge pits two nerds from the losing team against each other.  I do like how the show selects the nerds for elimination.  Each team gets to select a nerd for elimination.  This is where strategy comes into play.  The losing team wants to get rid of their weakest link while the other team tries to pick off a stronger member.  As Zach’s team lost, of course the nominate him.

This of course pisses Zach off.  Now most of us when confronted with social adversity, take a step back and try to figure out how our actions are making everybody else uncomfortable.  Zach’s approach seems to be to try harder and louder with the same things that piss everyone off.  I see, you hate the sound of my voice, maybe if I just talk louder you’ll get used to it.

I feel compelled to admonish the producers of King of the Nerds here.  You had to realize during the screening process that since you were looking for exceptionally smart social outcasts that mental stability was going to come into play.  Now I’m thinking you’re going to need to install a bunch of metal detectors at Nerdvana to make sure Zach doesn’t do anything stupid.  I suspect he’s busy at work right now putting the finishing touches on his manifesto.

Zach wins the challenge so now we are stuck with him for another week at least.  The previews were awesome showing him threatening to tank every challenge so that he can personally eliminate everyone of his teammates.  See Zach is an example of why mental background checks should be mandatory prior to  purchasing a weapon.  We’d all be just a little bit safer.

One thing I can’t tell about the show is the timeline.  The nerds all live together at Nerdvana but for how long?  Yesterday’s challenge was to build a volcano but they only had one day to do it.  Why, what was the rush?  They don’t really talk about it like they do on Survivor.  I’m thinking this show was probably filmed over a period of a week or so.  Unless maybe they film for a day and then do a Radio Shack promotional tour the other 6 days.

Either way, 2 episodes down, 6 to go.