King of the Nerds Trek Wars

King of the Nerds Trek WarsWe’re down to 5 nerds and only 3 episodes left till we crown a new nerd king.  Last night’s episode – King of the Nerds Trek Wars featured a challenge of debating which is better Star Trek or Star Wars.  I kid you not Brian, the kid on the left who kind of looks like an Ewok looked like he had just seen a naked girl.  Seriously, I think this is as close to nerd porn as you can get.

Question on any who watches this show’s mind – will this finally be the week that Zach goes home?

The challenge starts with 2 nerds playing rock, paper, scissors to decide which realm they will defend.  Zach is nominated from his team because he’s good at rock, paper, scissors.  Wait, is that a thing.  I thought that game was kind like math in that I you never really use it again.

Sure enough Zach wins and picks to defend Star Wars.  I’m starting to think he’s not human.  Burn him, he’s a witch (although I think he’d technically be a warlock but I doubt they’d have him).

As I’ve said before I’m not a nerd but do enjoy watching a show where they beat each other up albeit with their words.  I mention this because in the interest of full disclosure I’ve not seen anything Star Trek and have only seen the original 3 Stars Wars movies (when I was like 10 FYI).  So I wasn’t exactly stoked to watch them nargue (that’s when nerds argue) the point.

Quote of the night came from our Kayla the resident rocket scientist who in response to a comment that Star Wars was better because it was more popular said, “If popularity means so much why do we have an electoral college”.  Yeah take that. A constitutional slam.

And Zach’s team loses again.  I mean this is getting old right.  There’s no way he can win a fourth challenge in a row is there? Oh great, he’s not even nominated by his own team.  He has an alliance with the only other original nerd left from his team and they nominate Katie.  Oh good lord, he’s going to be back next week.  That son of a bitch is going to win this thing.

At the start of the night, his team has lost so many players, they got Katie from the other team.  This is sad because she was my favorite to win the game.  Unfortunately for her, she got sucked up in the black hole that is Zach.  She lost the challenge and is out.

So we’ll tune in next week to see who gets caught up in Zach’s vortex.  If annoying were a super power, he’d be all powerful.