King Of The Nerds – To LARP Or Something

King of the Nerds - Season 2 Episode 3This week it was King of the Nerds – To LARP Or Something.  Today is my 45th birthday so this may come as an absolute shock to some of you but I have never heard of “LARP” before this show.  It stands for Live Action Role Play and yeah, it’s as awesome as you would think.

In all fairness, when I think about true nerds this is how I picture them.  Playing pretend weird make believe games in dress up.  When I was a kid I hated playing pretend (that’s what we called it, it was the 80’s).  I had 3 brothers and we all would rather throw some kind of ball at each other than pretend GI Joe had to do some mission to save the world.

Midwest Mark just wrote another solid review of Party Down South today (don’t tell him I said so, he already thinks he’s kind of a big deal).  Interesting is that as he found himself at work he was looking forward to watching his show.  The same cannot be said of King of the Nerds.  The show is basically one long commercial.  Whether they are building something in the Radio Shack room or enjoying some delicious Little Caesar’s pizza they are constantly pushing some product.

Another big short coming with this show is that they treat the nerds like they are professional actors.  Take tonight’s episode.  We get to watch 2 teams of non-professional actors put on a LARP show.  It’s painful.  Robert Downey Jr. showing up as Iron Man couldn’t have saved either of the team’s productions.   Line of the day courtesy of Xander in reference to Justin’s LARP outfit – “A swordsman with Penny Loafers?  What’s he going to do, slay some goblins that go to his 4 o’clock meeting.”

King of the Nerds - Season 2I’d be remiss if I said it was all bad.  Here’s one of the judges of the competition.  Her name is Ya Ya Han and is apparently some well known Cos Play model.  She didn’t say much during the show so it’s hard to tell why she’s so popular.  I guess some mysteries will just have to go unsolved.

Let’s cut to the chase – Crazy Nut Loop Zach’s team loses again.  He’s just awful I don’t know if I can take 4 more weeks of this guy.  The other team obviously wants Zach to stay in the game as he’s basically throwing the game for them.

The challenge is some kind of glorified game of Battleship.  There’s a dice rolling component which just “sank” Mary Kate.  She couldn’t get the rolls she needed and pain in the ass Zach wins.  I guess it’s safer to have him on the show where I assume they have the proper medical staff to try to get his medications in balance.

That’s another week down and only four to go.