King of the Nerds – Nerdy Dancing

Editors Note:  This is a review King of the Nerds – Nerdy Dancing.  For a recap of previous episodes you can click on the following links.

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I can’t believe we are at week 6 of this already.  It feels like just yesterday, when we were introduced to a rag tag bunch of nerds that wanted to simply be the king.  Last week we saw Joshua, a serious wanna be nerd and well, a douche, sent home.  If we can just get rid of Virgil this show might actually be more watchable.

This week’s challenge – write a nerd anthem.  So they have to write a song and then perform it, with choreography and all.  But first, why don’t we all sit down and enjoy some Little Caesars  pizza, very subtle product placement.

Strong first song – Talk Nerdy to Me.  Dammit Virgil’s team is going to survive.  I do want to point out that Celeste and Genevieve performed the song in Catholic school girl uniforms with thigh high socks, you know like nerds?

Song 2 – Nerds are King.  Awesome job.  I seriously don’t know which team I would pick.  I know that bi-polar is a real disease and am not making fun of it, but good god can we get Danielle checked out for it.  I’m happy, I’m sad.  I’m happy, I’m a nutcase.

It’s Nerds are King, which means Virgil, Celeste, or Genevieve are on the hot seat and it’s Vigil and Genevieve to the nerdoff.  If there is a god Virgil will lose, but the nerdoff is playing Dance Central 3 which somehow Virgil knows how to play.  The pout on Genevieve’s face almost made this wasted hour of my life worth watching the show, almost.

This should be fun.  As we begin, the nerds walk in to a packed auditorium.  Where did these people come from?  Are they seriously here to watch 2 nerds dance?  Did they think it was a Methadone clinic?

Thank-god Virgil is done.  I have no idea who I’m rooting for at this point.  My nerd index would say that Mooega and Genevieve have the best chance to win.  Mooega has not yet had to go to a nerdoff so I’m calling her the favorite to win.

Five left and the teams are dissolved.  It’s every nerd for himself, which is kind of like real life I think.  There are only 2 episodes left, so we will know in 14 days, who is king of the nerds.  Does the winner of this go to Disney World?

Danielle if you are reading this, you are not so hot that you can act as crazy as you do.  I get that you are nerd hot, but you really need to work on you high maintenance issues.  Either that, or try out for The Bachelor.


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  1. Dude you really nailed this. After the week where Danielle used fake tears when Joshua said he was picking her, and then there was a cut scene where she said she manipulated him to vote for himself like she was something special, I only watch now hoping that a real nerd actually wins. Danielle is a “B”, or maybe a “B+ ” on a really good day, she is by no means hot. She’s hot to introvert nerds, so she’s capitalizing on that, but she is not a true nerd. Yay so you play Wow, and some actual nerds added you to their guild…. So what… Real “gamers” look down on WOW. It’s mainstream so its not a revolutionary new nerdy thing you’ve discovered…. Get over yourself, you’re nothing more than a capitalizing manipulator. Let there be Justice and anyone but her have won.

    • Thanks for the praise although I take it with a grain of salt. In my preview of the show I called out Danielle right away. A recent visitor called me a moron for thinking like that. I had a rating system I call NAAG (Not An Actual Nerd) which was kind of like a ranking system. Not knowing how the show worked, it appears the “real” nerds get kicked off and the fake ones stay. I’m still mad Brandon got kicked off so early. He was my favorite. They should start a nerd bachelor show and have him as the first guy. I would watch that.

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