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I hate myself for writing this post.  But I know you are waiting to hear about KING OF THE NERDS.  I previously wrote a preview of the show whereby based on pictures and interviews of the nerds, I ranked how I thought the nerds would perform based on whether they were a “real” nerd or not.  I will update my ratings after each episode and think it will be interesting to see how my “preseason” rankings turn out.

So let’s get to it.  Episode 1 starts with us meeting the nerds.  There are 11 of them and the producers do a pretty good job introducing every one of them to us.   Going in I had Hendrick rated as the biggest nerd and he has not disappointed.  Seriously, after this game is over we need to get a tracking device implanted in this guy.  It’s a matter of national security, he’s fruit loop crazy people and ridiculously smart.  I can already see the headlines – he was always such a quite person, no one could have seen it coming.  Well, I saw it coming people, you’ve been warned.

Moving on, the first task is that the competitors need to pick teams.  The team captains were drawn at random out of a hat.  Each captain only makes the first pick.  The person selected then makes the next pick and so on and so on.  If you’ve paid attention, there are 11 nerds so 1 of them will not get picked.  It’s every nerds worst nightmare.

As we are only 5 minutes into the game, they have the contestants go into the house so as they can introduce themselves and make a case to their fellow competitors as to why they should be selected.  What made this fun was that in normal reality shows, the people are generally attractive overconfident social butterflies.  Watching 11 nerds try to interact with each other was both painful and hilarious.

During the social interactions, Alana really stepped up her game.  Each of the nerds went on and on about how they were good at math or science or gaming.  Not Alana, her education is an associates degree and her skills are Batman trivia.  Not surprisingly, the other math nerds did not see this as a strong skill set and she ended up being the person not selected.

Holy plot twist Batman!  Turns out not being selected is a big nerd trait and Alana was granted safety from banishment.  She then had to rank which of the teams she felt was stronger.  She picks and is immediately put on the weaker team.  The stronger team then gets to nominate two nerds to go head to head in a nerd off.

This system throws a monkey wrench in my rating scale.  The problem is that the team selects the two people they feel are the biggest threat to them winning.  So of course high ranked nerds are going to get selected.  If this trend continues, the weakest nerds would actually have a better chance of winning than the actual nerds.

True to form, two highly ranked nerds are put up against each other – Hendrick and Jon.  I feel it is important to say at this point, so far we have met the nerds, they selected teams,  and put up two nerds for elimination and it’s taken 46 minutes.  Nerds do not do anything fast, there is a lot of over thinking it here.

On to the nerd off, which is a game of chess.  I know watching nerds play chess sounds awesome, and you might think you’ll find a god in every golden cloister and if you’re lucky then the god’s a she, I can feel and angel sliding up to me (look it up people).

Confirming my suspicion, the biggest nerd was eliminated.  It’s hard to rank the nerds when you don’t know the format of the show going in.  I still feel my scale is accurate, just the higher your nerd index, the more likely you’ll face elimination.

That’s it for week 1.  We couldn’t discuss it all, like the legs on Genevieve or the rack on Danielle.  We will get to those in time, patience.  Here are the ratings after week 1.  Again, the higher the number, the bigger nerd you are and bigger chance you have of going home.

Pre-Show      Week 1

Jon               8.5              10.0
Virgil             9.0                9.0
Ivan              7.5                8.0
Brandon       8.0                7.0
Joshua         4.0                6.0
Celeste        4.0                5.0
Alana           6.5                4.0
Danielle       1.5                3.0
Mooega       2.0                2.0
Genevieve   3.0                1.0
Hendrik        9.5      Eliminated

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  1. Your rankings of nerdiness are spot on, especially seeing that Danielle is (rightfully) put dead last. I really have no idea how she qualified for this show.

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