King of the Nerds – In Search of a King

King of the Nerds – In Search of a King premiered last Thursday.  If there’s anything else on my DVR playlist and I mean anything (2 Broke Girls or Dads) I’ll watch it first.  I don’t hate nerds, but wouldn’t you really rather be watching a show about a bunch of redneck alcoholic kids that maybe party a little too hard in the South?

The show begins with the contestants being told that they would be split into teams but that one unfortunate sole would not be picked.  Last year the person not picked got all the power.  What would happen this season was certainly discussed amongst the nerds.  It was interesting as they talked about trends from last season.  They noticed, for example, how the bigger nerds got sent home first.  Say what you will, but if there’s an opportunity to study something, no matter how inane like Nerd game play, leave it to the nerds to be ready.

The twist?  The nerd not picked got to immediately send home one of the other nerds.  Oh wait, not quite that was last year’s deal.  The actual twist was that nothing was more nerdy than being sent home by a nerd that wasn’t even picked for a team.  Kind of a reach if you ask me.  Not being picked for a team is still more nerdy in my world (I’m speculating as I’ve never not been picked for a team, I’m not a freaking nerd).

There wasn’t anything all that remarkable about episode 1.  None of the nerds seem as crazy as last year’s Danielle.  That bitch was crazy.  But she did bring the drama which made for more interesting TV.  Honestly after the first episode I don’t really like or hate any of the nerds.

One other big issue with the show.  You don’t have to act like every single thing about to happen is the biggest deal on the face of the planet.   We all know how reality TV works.  Maybe just have the contestants play against and interact with each other instead of overplaying every single nerd stereotype would make the show better.

This week, Kelsey was eliminated.  I had her was one of the favorites to win the show.  However, she was the nerd not picked for a team, which means the smell of nerd was strong on her.  My initial picks were based on 45 second clips of the nerds so I can’t always tell how big a nerd someone is.  I missed it with her.  She was a big nerd.

Heading into week 2 I still have my favorite Katie in the mix.  Let’s hope the show gets a little more watchable.

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  1. Anonymous // January 26, 2014 at 4:34 pm //

    Isn’t not being picked for a team pretty much the definition of a nerd? I would love to see these nerds play a game of dodge ball.

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