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Editors Note: This post is for week 2.  For other weeks, follow the links below.

Week 1 – Meet the Nerds
Week 3 – Games Without Frontiers

On to week 2 of King of the Nerds.  The rankings have Jon as the biggest nerd after week 1.  Based on the format of the show, the biggest nerd actually has the best chance of losing, so let’s get to it.

The first challenge of the show pits team orange against team blue in some type of “Cosplay” or costume challenge.  I have friends and leave my house fairly regularly so I’ve never heard of Cosplay.  They all keep saying Cosplay like I should know what the hell they are talking about.  Fine, I went to Wikipedia which says it’s a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.  If I had to make an analogy, I would guess it’s like sports for nerds.

It’s at this point that the show breaks down into you typical reality show fare.  Virgil thinks it would be a good idea to raid the supply room and take all the good tools leaving none for the other team.  Brandon (my favorite nerd FYI) calls Virgil out on his “dickish” move.  There’s something less annoying about watching nerds argue though, they just don’t have the same social skills of regular reality show participants.  To their credit they really try, but they just don’t get it.

So on to the costumes.  They all looked like nerds to me save Danielle.  Nope she is some type of sexy fairy goddess in a skimpy outfit.  Again, if you’re remotely attractive, you can’t be a nerd.  Virgil stepped up and commented on her outfit saying he appreciated it for it’s craftsmanship and for its overt eroticism.  Good for him, I starred at it for a while and completely missed the craftsmanship.

It’s in the judges hands now, which of course include George Takei.  Team Blue lost and has to nominate two nerds for the nerd off.  Team Blue consists of Virgil, Alana, Genevieve, Celeste, and Jon.  And the nominations are?  Alana and Jon.  I can’t believe, I’m going to have to watch Virgil one more week, he is a special kind of nerdnoying (TM).

Also, I really underestimated Alana’s nerdiness.  She raised some good points about why she is a nerd.  She never gets picked and people don’t like her.  For the love of god, she is being shunned by even the nerds.  In a backwards way, she is actually the biggest nerd.

The nerd off is basically trivial pursuit asking, let’s just say nerd questions.  No, I did not know any of the answers and it was multiple choice.  Alana, made an excellent showing getting all four questions correct to Jon’s three.  There was more to the challenge, but cut to the end, Alana won.  Good for her, suck it other nerds.

That means Jon is gone.  My rating system had him as the favorite to leave and he’s gone.  I’m not going to lie, feels pretty good to be right even if it is over something so ridiculous and inconsequential.  Holy crap, watching this show has turned me into a nerd.   Note to self, don’t watch Say Yes to the Dress.

After this week’s show, Alana really showed me something and I’m going to move her up in the rankings.  Without further adieu, here’s are the ratings after week 2.  Watch your back Virgil.

Contestant  Preseason    Week 1    Week 2

Virgil                9             9              10
Ivan               7.5            8                9
Alana             6.5            4                8
Brandon          8              7               7
Joshua            4              6                6
Celeste           4              5                5
Danielle        1.5             3                4
Mooega          2              2                3
Genevieve     3               1                2
Jon               8.5            10             Out
Hendrick       9.5           Out




2 Comments on King of the Nerds – Imaginary Realms

  1. I thought I was a nerd, but I only got 2/4 of the trivia questions (though my daughter knew the answer to the D&D question and my husband nailed the Wookie one).

    Your right, nerds don’t know how to fight.

    Brandon: That was “dickish”.
    Virgil: I left 1/2 of the tools.
    Brandon: The sucky tools.
    Virgil: I was just confirming that you called me a dick.
    Alana: (Instead of rejoicing) Don’t be a dick, be nice.
    Virgil: Everyone pointed out I was a dick. I promise to be less of a dick in the future.

    Result: no drama

    • Thanks for the comment. I suspect as a rule nerds don’t like drama so forcing them to try to create it is kind of funny. I’m curious as to who you think has the best chance of winning and why.

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