King of the Nerds – Games Without Frontiers

It’s week 3 of King of the Nerds. I devised my own nerd index also know as NAAG (not an actual nerd), whereby the biggest nerd actually has the best chance of leaving because they are the biggest threat.  So far the index is 2 for 2.  Heading into week 3 the index would say the Virgil, Ivan, or Alana have the best chance of being kicked off the island, wait that’s not right, whatever, you get the point.

First a quick moment to reminisce about Jon, their fallen comrade from Week 2.  Hey, nerds have feelings and they kind of grieve like the rest of us.  But even in Nerdvana life goes on and it’s time to get back to the game. The challenge is to fly a hover copter through some obstacles without getting shot down by the other team.  After some quick nerd trash talking (which is not exactly like normal people, probably because they think before they speak, which would be annoying) the games begin. 

Yada, yada, yada, the challenge happens and finally team orange wins, which means for the first time team blue will have to send 2 nerds to the nerd off.  I’m sure you all know but I’ll bore you with the details.  Team orange consists of Brandon, Ivan, Mooega, Danielle, and Joshua.  Couple of funny lines from the challenge:

Brandon is tasked with trying to shoot down the other teams copter and says, “I’m going to chew some bubble gum and kick some ass, and I’m all out of gum.”  I love this guy, I just want to squeeze his big nerd cheeks.

Virgil performed well in the challenge and Alana says, “Who knew Virgil could get 3 girls to scream with pleasure at the same time.”  I’m guessing after watching Virgil for 3 weeks now, that will also be the last time that ever happens.

So now each team gets to pick a nerd from team orange to send to the nerd off.  Team blue picks my favorite nerd and now I’m kinda pissed at team blue.  It’s a solid pick but I don’t like anybody messing with my favorite nerd.  Team blue picks Danielle, which sets of a s^^t storm.  It’s kind of fun to watch male nerds deal with an emotional girl.  There just are any holes for them to crawl in and hide.

Son of a bitch, Brandon lost.  This right here is why I don’t watch reality TV.  I don’t really care about this show and now my favorite guy is eliminated and I’m freaking pissed.  Is there a second chance Island?  How about maybe secret immunity.  What if we start a petition to get Brandon back on the show.  Let’s go nerds we need Brandon.  Without him it just means more Virgil.

Oh, I’m still saying the nerd index is correct.  Brandon was #4 on the list, so it’s only a slight upset that he lost.  I guess now he will just have to go back to his stupid neuroscience job where he probably makes dumb amounts of money.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean it, I’m just upset right now.  You know, when do the phone lines open, I never got to vote.  Why won’t they let me vote?

Anyway, here is the latest NAAG index, come on people, Virgil has to go.

Contestant  Preseason    Wk 1    Wk 2     Wk 3

Virgil                9             9              10          10
Ivan               7.5            8                9            9
Alana             6.5            4                8           8
Joshua            4              6                6          7
Celeste           4              5                5          6
Danielle        1.5             3                4          5
Mooega          2              2                3          4
Genevieve     3               1                2          3
Brandon        8                7               7        Out
Jon               8.5            10             Out
Hendrick       9.5           Out