King of the Nerds – Enginerds

Editors Note:  This is a review of Week 7 of King of the Nerds – Enginerds.  For a complete recap of previous episodes, follow this link.

We are getting down to the end of this nerdapaloza experiment.  It appears it’s going to be a long episode as we are down to 5 nerds and one of them is Danielle.  If she doesn’t go home tonight I don’t think I can watch the season finale next week.  Good god almighty, that bitch is crazy.

The challenge is some stinking physics problem.  How do you think the Buck Wild kids would do on a physics problem.  Unless it is something like flashing = alcohol * self esteem I doubt they would do well.  So going in, Mooega has to have the upper hand, she works for NASA for crying out loud.

Danielle won, no way that wasn’t fixed.  She is something else.  It’s been a while since we’ve had such an annoying character on TV.  She makes Omarosa look not that bitchy.  Not only does Danielle get immunity, she get’s to pick one of the others to go to the nerdoff.

Again, here is where the show breaks down into typical reality show fare.  I guess the difference is it’s a bunch of nerds negotiating amongst themselves.  Even here, Danielle manages to somehow be an inexplicable bitch.  She says she’s sending one person, then leaves a note for another person saying they are going to the nerdoff.

At the last minute she again changes her mind as to who she is sending to the nerdoff.  It appears the producers did not let her bring whatever medication she needs to function as a normal person to Nerdvana.  Best I can tell, there are 3-4 voices swimming around in that crazy girl’s head.  Oh, someday there is going to be a lucky Mr. Danielle that is going to have a lot of bat s**t crazy to deal with.  I guess what I saying is I don’t really care for Danielle, if you couldn’t tell.

So it’s Genevie or Mooega that is going home.  The nerdoff is some type of stacking challenge.  They have to build some tower, the first one to 10 feet wins.  And…it’s Genevie.  Mooega you deserve to go home.  You lost 2 physics challenges and you work for NASA.  I’m thinking NASA needs to rethink their hiring practices.

So it’s the final four and next week is the finale.  Genevie, Danielle, Celeste, and Ivan.  I guess I’m rooting for Genevie.  I really hate Danielle and Celeste is pretty annoying.  I’d ask you what you think, but I think I’m the only one watching this show.

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  1. I find it funny that somebody got to the website today with the following Google search term – genevieve nerd nude. So there is one person out there that really wants to see her naked. Like they say there’s a lid for every pot out there.

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