King of the Nerds Crowned A King

King of the Nerds Crowns A King

It’s been a long and arduous journey but we finally made it to the end last night.  Low these 7 weeks ago when a ragtag bunch of misunderstood manifest writing potentially dangerous social outcasts came together to save the world.

Wait, I’m being told that wasn’t the point of the show and that it was so that these people with less than zero athletic ability could for once win something.  I mean other than being smarter than us and probably having jobs that pay more and thereby getting the hottest Alpha Beta to proudly proclaim that she’s in love with a nerd.  Is it me or does anybody else want to go on a good old fashioned panty raid right about now?

Anyway, the elders spoke of this night when they foretold that a wise and powerful varium (Latin for nerd probably) would rise up in a place called Nerdvana and lead a new revolution where nerds would have a place in front of the camera instead of only the shadows.

I know what you’re thinking, these were some pretty wise elders.  Sure at the time they made this prediction their life expectancy was only about 32 years.  But you know what, that didn’t matter to them.  They still had time in their dark depressing soul crushing existence to think about a world were nerds would be accepted.

And so it was last night as King of the Nerds Crowned a King.  Scratch that a Queen.

Meet Kayla your winner.


I’m kidding, here’s your actual winner.

I’ve covered King of the Nerds for Midwest TV Guys since this show started.  Admittedly I missed the last two episodes partly because of work and partly because I just couldn’t stand watching Zach anymore.  So as I checked into the final episode imagine my excitement to see he was voted off the previous week.

Part of my apathy was because the cast wasn’t as interesting as last seasons.  It’s a casting dilemma for sure.  Do you try to cast actual nerds who are kind of boring or do you cast interesting people who aren’t really nerds.  This season they went full nerd and it wasn’t as good.  The ratings seem to back me up on this point as they were about a third lower than last season.

Note to the producers – when something happens on the show, you don’t need to cut away every single time to a nerd telling me what they thought about what just happened.  I was getting motion sickness from the constant back and forth camera work.  I don’t need to constantly know what a nerd is thinking.  If I did, I’d talk to my IT guy more.

I do love the commentary from the female nerds talking about how they were rooting for Kayla because she was a strong woman nerd.  Aren’t we past this yet?  No man has ever won King of the Nerds.  It’s yet another thing women have taken over and ruined.

The only thing we have left is NASCAR and I hate NASCAR.