King of the Nerds – A King is Crowned

It’s the finals and there are 4 “nerds” remaining.  I used the quotes because the real nerds were eliminated from the show leaving us with poser wanna be nerds competing for the crown.

So let’s get to it.  The show starts with each nerd stating how bad they want to win.  Danielle of course uses this opportunity to again demonstrate her total bitchyness.  The other 3 nerds are celebrating having made it to the final four.  Not Danielle.  She didn’t come here to make the final four, she came to win.  So she leaves the room.  She is just not a good person.

I promised myself that I would write about something other than how big a bitch Danielle is.  It’s as if the song from South Park about Kyle’s mom was written about her.  Seriously, why does this girl have such an overinflated amount of self importance?  You’re on King of the Nerds chick, get over yourself.